Eggemoggin Reach

The Reach Lodge, formerly Eggemoggin Oceanfront Lodge, is located on the shores of  Brooklin, Maine overlooking the renowned sailing lanes of Eggemoggin Reach.

Eggemoggin Reach is the body of water approximately 10 miles long between the mainland and Deer Isle (connected by a high suspension bridge) with East Penobscot Bay on one end and Jericho Bay on the other end. Among the harbors that line Eggemoggin Reach is the Benjamin River in Brooklin. WoodenBoat School and magazine, near this part of the Reach, welcome visitors and have guest moorings.

Started in 1985, the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta’s 15-mile course has remained the same for many years and only once was the race cancelled (due to fog). The Camden Feeder Regatta and the Castine Classic Yacht Race joined the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta to create a spectacular three-day event.